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    msknope said: mean girls, hachi, she's the man omg

    mean girls: did you ever have a crush on a popular guy at school?:

    omg even better. last year we had to do a marriage project in health where we pretended to marry someone and had to pick jobs and a home and place to live and stuff and everyone got boy/girl partners even though my best friend and I kept begging to be the lesbian family but we had too many boys so anyway I get partnered with this kid andrew who apparently EVERYONE had a crush on. but like yeah he was cute but I barely knew him we just had to be project partners but people found out and were super angry that I was his wife it was weird, yet satisfying. we got a B+.

    hachi: a dog’s tale: tell us a story about your pet: holy shit Mickey is the craziest and I love him and could talk about him all day he’s so sassy I. I can’t think of anything fun he’s done lately because he’s been upset that the carnival by our house keeps having fireworks and a lot of thunderstorms so he shakes and it upsets me :(

    she’s the man: if you could switch gender for a day, what would you do?

    omfg I would go pee in public somewhere because I think that’s like the main perk of having a penis like if I want to go piss in the woods I have to squat and it sucks but guys can just stand and that drives me crazy

    but really I can’t think of anything else because I do what I want all the time anyway 

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